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Learning to Lead Healthy and Effective Collaboration

Learning to Lead Healthy and Effective Collaboration

Appreciation – sensitivity – growth – creativity – inspiration – propulsion – adaptation – groundedness

These were some of the key words in the experimental workshops on personal development and intercultural team collaboration that took place on Thursday, October 6.  Students in the International Management Department of the IAE had the opportunity to discover new ways of relating to colleagues through solo and partner exercises based on Tai Chi movements and the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and wood.

The purpose of these workshops was to help students, as colleagues and leaders, increase their sensitivity to interpersonal differences and group dynamics as well as their ability to facilitate healthy and effective collaboration.

The workshops took place in the context of the Licence 3 course on “Soft Skills” and the Master 2 course on “Managing Intercultural Teams.” They were led by Caroline Purkhardt and organized by Amy Church-Morel, ATER at the IAE Savoie Mont Blanc.

Contact : Amy Church-Morel - amy.church-morel@univ-smb.fr